MM and Thrombosis: Prophylaxis and Risk Prediction Tools

Thromboembolism in multiple myeloma (MM) patients remains a common complication that renders the optimization of thromboprophylaxis. This review aims to make clear the need for the development of more accurate risk assessment tools and means of thrombosis prevention. Recently, several groups developed clinical scores for thrombosis risk in MM in an attempt to improve risk stratification, and research in this field is increasingly focusing on understanding the unique coagulation profile of the MM patient, and data on potential biomarkers that accurately reflect hypercoagulability is emerging.

Reference: Fotiou, D, Gavriatopoulou, M, et al. Multiple Myeloma and Thrombosis: Prophylaxis and Risk Prediction Tools. Cancers. 2020 Jan; 12(1): 191.

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